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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

how hard?

“NAN-KU-RU-NAI-SAH”; (Live for today, but look forward for tomorrow.)

It was in 2007 when I had my first experience as a university student. I planned to take up B.S. Accountancy but unfortunately my average in high school did not reach the standard general average. As I was walking along the hall of the CAS building, I saw my classmates in high school falling in line so I got curious of what courses are they going to take, they answered that they will take up engineering courses. When I heard the word “engineering” I decided to take up Civil Engineering since we do not have a civil engineer in the family. Because of my ignorance I did not know that major subjects are taken at Main Campus 11 which will add to my fare. It was really an exciting course since you really have to scrutinize your brain in order to answer diabolic questions. During the first week class, I was really scared because I am getting the feeling that I will fail and it will for sure be posted on the front page of the NORSUnian. In contrast, I passed all my subjects. I finished the school year with a big smile on my never been kissed lips.

The summer vacation was awesome until one faithful day, my father received a notice from a certain agency that he should pay his debts or he will suffer the consequences. My father owes a big debt because of that accident that almost killed him and has damage a valuable asset of our family. Adding to that, my younger brother was diagnosed with typhoid fever which has spent a large amount of money. I can see from the actions of my parents that that problem will affect my studies. I was sensitive and brave enough to tell my parents that I am willing to stop my studies in order for us to save money.

A year has pass, my father has almost paid his debts and my brother has already recovered, so I can continue my studies. But looking at my parents, I still could feel that they are costing so much just to provide the needs of my course. So I decided to shift to a course that will enhance my writing skills at the same time lessening the expenses. I shifted to B.S. Mass Comm. and I was accepted with a second year standing. But leaving the CEA as well as my closest friends was not easy for me but sacrifices are to be made for me to grow as a person.

For more than two months as a B.S. Mass Comm. student, I have gained more information and friends. From this experience I have learned to value my family, friends, money, and most of all time.

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