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Friday, September 11, 2009

not like me!

One of the greatest endeavors we can never escape is to learn how to accept who we really are. An individual who has learned to accept who he/she is has a greater chance to achieve success, have a meaningful life, and most of all respect from other people.
An individual who feels insecure finds every aspect of life full of difficulties and misery. Since most individuals are insecure, an individual who is secure has control and power over others; even if they are not actually powerful.

Every individual has insecurity beneath its skin. It is undeniable that it is almost impossible to be completely free from insecurities. Throughout history, there have been only few individuals who have prolonged self-confidence, and as a matter of fact most of them became great spiritual leaders. Up to this time, we look to them as our inspirations.
The first step towards happiness and a wonderful life is simply by building your esteem. If you have low amount of self-esteem in your system you will not be the person you want to be and you will have limited happiness. Increasing your self-esteem is directly proportional to increasing your self-confidence. Low self-esteem will lead to stress, sadness, insecurity, and low confidence. You will be intimidated of others assets. Inner criticism is an act when you judge yourself negatively. You feel pity of your self which makes you pessimistic.
Self-confidence is something you learn from your experiences. Those who have acquired self-confidence earlier will find life much easy than those who have not.

Every time you feel insecure, you will loose the ability to trust yourself and to be able to cope in the situation or it will just result into a failure. Low self confidence is directly proportional of being insecure. It is very essential to let the world know, hence insecurity might develop into something more frightening or even fear to face a situation you are not capable of handling. Instead of avoiding these situations you should face them, learn from them, and for sure you will overcome them.

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