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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the judgement

It has been more than two months since I became a member of the NORSUnian, to be exact it was on july 25 when i took the exam for newbies and it was on august 8 when I had my interview. The end or the beginning is fast approaching, this coming thursday october 15 will be my judgement night. Whether i will become a regular or i will become alone again. I really like to stay but the judgement is not in my hands. If will not be accepted, then what will i supposed to think, does this mean that my talent in writing is not enough or do i really have the talent in the first place. I must admit that i only have a pinch of knowledge when it comes to writing, but isn't it where we start. Many speculations are clouding up my mind. Many questions are left without aswers. Will i make it or not? This question has been roaming around my cerebrum for the past few weeks. And i am really eager to know the answer. For the past two months that i stayed here, it was a wonderful experience for someone whose life is a mess. I could still remember the first time that i came here in the office as part of the NORSUnian. It was a nice feeling, at last i have done something right with my life. I really feel that i am a dramatic actor right now. Hope you will understand.

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