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Monday, November 16, 2009

“Industry and Hard Work for Productivity”

We, Norsunians, are well known for our diligence and patience. We take these values seriously for our own growth and development. It is common to hear from Norsunians that an industrious person will never just sit around and do nothing precisely because we can attain glory through extreme hard work. Only, it must be put in mind that the fastest way to do everything is to do it one at a time.

The old folks believed that ones industry or diligence is the best investment a person could have. One can acquire what he/she wants through persistent struggles and efforts, e.g. to finish ones studies. But it is not enough to be industrious, one has to be patient, too; in fact, in real life, these two go hand in hand. Patience is necessary to be able to maintain ones diligence, and diligence is important to prolong and to sustain ones patience.

The metaphor used in cutting off the trunk of the tree; which needs patience and diligence; because you cannot cut it as fast as you want it. It takes so much time and effort, sweat and discomfort, ache and hardship, vexation and annoyance.

Now, unless you are ready to flex your muscles and bear the stress and difficulty that accompany your energy in cutting it, you will really accomplish something. The same is true to other endeavors.

A Norsunian states: any work cannot be completed unless some amount of patience is added to it and it is true that through patience and forbearance we can pursue our wish. A diligent person can attain his goal.

When the Igorots built the world-famous Rice Terraces, a great amount of patience and diligence gave them the necessary lasting strength, stamina, and singleness of purpose, without which they could not have completed their work for many thousand years, consisting of many generations of people. Truly enough, their adamant resolve, will power and forbearance, they have succeeded in achieving their goal, and now their achievement is now rewarded as one of the greatest wonders of the world: the fruit of Filipino values of diligence and patience.

Any favor or blessing does not and cannot just drop from the sky so that we will just wait for it. It is no less than the fruit or outcome of our own diligence and hard work in pursuing our goal. No food will ever be given or offered to us on a silver platter. We really have to work hard to the bones to get it. Patience is bitter but its fruit is as sweet as honey. This refers to the success or self-fulfilling satisfaction that derives from ones excellent achievement through the bitterness of patience. A person who has a high level of perseverance seldom finds failure, insofar as every drop of perspiration of a diligent person will be rewarded. In concurrence with this perception, a person with patience will be rewarded: whereas the lazy who just sit down at home will have nothing to place in his cooking pot.

Indeed, failure is the constant company of the lazy and the idle, insofar only patience bears beneficial results. Those who give up the struggle become scams of the earth and they would just fossilize as they grow old and die. Once again, this is the conjunction with the Filipino cyclic concept of nature that human behavior will recoil. Whether it is an act of commission or omission, whatever one does or does not do, the same shall revert on him.

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