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Friday, December 18, 2009

my lonely CHRISTMAS

i have no clue why i have not found someone that would make me say the three words that everyone wants to hear. am i a "stone" or what? i don't want to sound weird but i sometimes wonder if i really know how to lo**. i never thought that finding the right person is harder than finding a tear drop in the ocean.everyone is longing for their special someone but why don't i feel the same way.


i love to be alone because it makes me love myself more. maybe, that is the reason why i have not find someone to lo**. sometimes, when i see other people happy with their special someone, i feel insecure somehow. i even ask myself if i am worth to be lo**. i don't want to be lonely anymore but if not yet the right time, then i will wait for that special someone to come, at the right place and time.

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  1. ahh, nka relate ko... we're in the same situation.. huhu...

    you know ken, u are worthy to be loved. be patient, she will come!

    God bless!


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