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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The words of Wisdom

The year of the tiger is near, but let me rewind all the joyful and tragic events of my 2009. The start of my 2009 was not that good, being one of the millions of out of school youth. It was really a year full of roller coaster rides.

I was just in the house, watching my favorite television shows. I was not at school since my family had financial "instabilities". Instabilities because money was not a big problem for my family before until my father met an accident that caused us lots of debts from different institutions. Well, on the other side of the story, my mother turned 39 on the twelfth.

Who cares about February.

I cannot help but think that i should have finished my second year in college. I am really annoyed just by thinking that all my course mates are going to be third years. But some of them failed (hahahahahahahahah........joke).

I really do not like April because it is rainy and i easily catch colds. I do not like having colds because it is so elementary. I hate to see myself wiping the "greenish or yellowish" thing on my nose. And i often find myself barking in the middle of the night.

Hep! hep! hooray!!!!!..... it is finally May. 22nd of May. I am eighteen. I could finally get my license and have a job of my own. But life was good, my family is slowly recovering from our financial obligations. My parents decided that i could now finish my studies. Hep! hep! hooray!!!!!.........again!

I am back in falling in a never ending lines. The scorching heat of the sun and my line mates who were smelling "you know". I must admit that i was really happy that i am back to school. Never did i thought that i could step my foot in this university again(slip of the keyboard....i am not that mushy).

I was still adjusting with the surroundings. Whenever i see my classmates before i feel a little bit jealous of them but i still look better than them (but i miss all the jokes that i crack with them...they always let me copy assignments). I want to thank them but i am too far to be there.

I was into another business. I joined the Campus paper(it is called the NORSUnian). I was really coping with the nose bleeding English (if i was superman, English is my kryptonite). Well, that is a good way to enhance my weakness though. Before i forget, my youngest brother turned 9 on the 17th.

I greeted my brother a happy birthday. He turned 15. I was not that busy during this month since i only had to make countless assignments, numerous projects, attending all eight subjects, and passing one article in the publication. It was also the birthday of my ever "alcoholic" father...42 that is the age of my youngest brother(my father is so childish..grrrrr).

I was facing the end of the first examinations really gives me 20 degrees goose bumps. Let me share a little secret, i was sad that i did not became a regular staff in the publication but i was happy though since it really boosted my fighting spirit(i did not mean this). I decided to find a job. I applied at Jollibee Northroad. Having my first job exam and interview was awesome(i got highest in the exam and interview...i guess! i did?).

I was still in the business of making news since the publication gave me "a one more chance". Life must go on, i fall but i am slowly getting up that i could almost see that a bright future awaits me if i will do what i need to do.

I was really excited with the carols, cheers, and food on the table. My family is not the kind of family that would not eat until one member of the family is not around. We are not the old fashioned family. But every time we eat together is special that is why Christmas December is my family month. I also did some good things like having outreach programs and giving of "aguinaldos" to some unfortunate people that of course is made possible by the NORSUnian.

That was my year 2009. I promise that i will make 2010 better than 2009. I will not stop dreaming nor believing that i will survive.

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