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Monday, January 4, 2010

how to start the year right.....

Many questions have been roaming around my cerebrum since the year of the crouching tiger has begun. Has it ever crossed your mind on what is the most appropriate thing to do "doing the right thing" or "doing the thing right".

I honestly do not have the experience to say which is which. Like, how can you tell twin witches apart. The answer! you absolutely cannot since it is very hard to tell which witch is which.

Well, based on my own perspective of the idea.........

"DOING THE RIGHT THING" means that i am aiming for success. I want to be the best of everything that i put myself into. Effectiveness, as what our teachers always say, is a good way to make your self ready for the challenges and problems (i did not mean this from the bottom of my feelings.....i am just explaining.) If i do the right thing would it make me a righteous person? This is the question i always ask to myself..

"DOING THE THING RIGHT" means that i am aiming for comfort. I want to make every move that i make essential to my life. Efficiency, as what others call it, is a nice thing to start my 2010..i will move accordingly towards any situation.., nothing more and nothing less..(actually, i am just telling this but it is so hard to fulfill). How can i do everything right when it is so difficult to do?

Living in this world where nothing is sure and exact, all that i can do what i need and want to do.

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