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Saturday, January 9, 2010


A new chapter of my life is about to unfold as I start working as I service crew in one of the leading fast food chains in the country. I still could not imagine myself working and earning money out of my hard work. I will not argue if someone will tell me that I am indolent or “perting tapulana” in the dialect. I must admit that I am having a hard time managing my time at school, work, and in the publication as well. But I want to do all those things so I should exert more effort for me to be able to handle the pressure.

“Sleepless night” is one of the major problems I am having. I could not sleep early but I need to wake up early. Also, being in a fast food chain means that you need to be alert but I think my skills are not yet enough to be so. Whenever I hear bad comments about me, I feel disappointed about myself.

On the other leg, money, for me now, is the essence of life. I need money to have myself enroll in a university, I need money for my everyday allowance, I need money to pay all my projects and assignments, I need money to buy my clothes, and I need money to be me.

They say that money is the root of all evil, but for me, when I have money I could not think any bad thoughts. As if I was contented of what I have. Never I think I could continue breathing if I will not have even a single peso in my pocket. I need to earn money so if I need to smile at nothing at all, I have to meet unpleasant people, and if I have to take criticism the whole period, I WILL.



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  1. Libre! :)

    Anyway, I always admire you for being able to work and study. I have online works, but I know workin in a fast food would be wayyyy diff. So congrats cause you made it! And hey, always remember that nothing is easy when it comes to earning this days. :)


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