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Thursday, April 1, 2010

a day has passed...

it was quite a long day for me. it started really bad; had a fight with my mom, hurt my youngest brother for being so mischievous and having a bad day at work because of so many irritating reasons. despite all that, i had a adventurous day. hahahahahaha..i do not want kind of person am i. "good or bad","nice and sweet or arrogant and selfish". there are no specific ways on how can we control our feelings but one thing is for sure, we are not the ones who has the right to feel any emotion.there are no exemptions when it comes to loving a person. there circumstances that we can no longer control right.for the most special persons in the world to me there is only one that i treasure the most. but never did i thought that i would come this far, to the extent that i was not able to take command of myself anymore,thus, i wasn't able to fully comprehend with the events that has went passing by in my life. who could ever thought that a person like me would be so hopelessly romantic.(not true) those who do not believe that i am like "that" are the that are so insecure with my capabilities as a person with strong dignity and wisdom that i use in order for me to be successful. (with grammars intended to be wrong)

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