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Saturday, March 27, 2010

for a short while

The world's most famous anime characters are the ones being created by the people who are more interested to sleep than to work. Though, they are like that they are still being accepted to be one of the most hard working and intelligent individuals walking in the faces of the Earth. Yet, they are given less amount of attention; these individuals still continues to enrich their skills in writing. It has been stereotyped that most of the writers do not have enough income compared to those working in offices. Years have past but this has not yet been broken the endless tragedy of the lives of the writers. Though the world has not yet opened to the possibilities that many of our writers are not having their wages well. Nowadays, many of our writers are losing hope that they would be able to make any sound in the industry of glitz and glamor. There are no exceptions when it comes to the trade they made for giving their time in writing tons of words which they absolutely do not know if it will be useful to them. But either way, these individuals share a common understanding when it comes drawing the attention of the readers. Many of the ordinary people think that publishing a book is easy but it takes a massive amount of effort to do so. Many of the new writers end up being killed.

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