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Friday, March 5, 2010

Meeting the native avatars

“A brunette haired filthy boy was standing in front of a translucent window while staring at a woman eating her scrumptious double cheese burger. The boy’s saliva is bit by bit dropping out his dry lips as the woman is joyfully biting her meal. The little boy, feeling very hungry, slowly rubbed his stomach touching his worn out loose t- shirt. Thru his dark skin complexion, the boy’s face turned pallid as his pathetic eyes shed tears running to his small button nose.”

Common, isn’t it? This situation it always depicted in the daily activities of the avatars. There are handful adjectives that you could describe the Badjaos but I think avatar suits them most.

According to the Merriam- Webster’s Dictionary, the term avatar refers to the embodiment of a person. Yes, indeed these avatars are true human beings but do they live like one.

As you continue reading this article, I must be serving costumers in the fast food chain that I am working, or facing the computer encoding my new article, or attending my tiring History class, or just lying on the couch watching my favorite television show at home.

But wherever I may be, these avatars are always there to greet me and say “piso bi”. While at work, the avatars always hang around the premises asking for something to eat. While surfing the internet, these people are so famous even though they don’t comb their hairs. While at school, these people are often talked about because they look like one of the students here. While at home, these people often appear on television shows carrying a pitiful aura.

I sometimes pity but often ignore. A lot of times that I realize that giving five peso is small when buying food but it’s already big when I give to them. I also observed that their population is increasing but I actually don’t bother myself asking why. And I am sure that you too, don’t.

Admit it or not, we judge them by how they come into view, by how they walk and talk but do we really know them or do we have the rights to do so. As a point of fact, most of us do not even know where these people originated, do they worship any God, why are they wearing such dirty clothes, why do they do not have homes, what are their ways to survive, and do they have something to share to the society.

These people start their day asking for alms and end it counting them.

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