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Saturday, April 3, 2010

a bad day and a good day...

There are times that we no longer found the way to a meaningful life because we are bound with the mishaps in our lives. But do we really have the right to pertain to these matters. Many of us seemed to show how strong we are in the eyes of different people but the truth is we do not have the courage to face the nemesis of life. We are bound with the embarrassments that we always cross the way whether we are conscious or not. Does reality has something to do with fiction. For me, it’s a yes, why? Because every time I look into the realities of life, I found myself trap in my cage of fear that controls me both hand and foot. Never in my life had I had escape from it, even for a single second because every moment in my existence I have been a coward. I could never say to myself that in a span of time I will not be as I stupid as I am before the world begins into spinning round and round. Tell me why I always get what I do not like and not for those I crave for. You will never knew the things you want to know if you will not ask for it, but is that that easy. There are things that I wish I could change, like the way talk that often leads me to conflicts. There would be harm if I could only see the bad things in me but knowing who am I, the real me, is never going to be that simple. I would rather be alone in the darkness than to be many people who thinking extremely badly at me. Knowing that I am never going to be the same with I am already skinned. To be there will never be mountains in the ocean right? There are no exemptions to the rule but can I be one. Many of the strangers that I meet everyday are so unremarkable. I can never say never to myself nor can you to yours right. I sometimes wish that I could tell to myself to stop when I need to but my inner self is just too strong that I cannot control it. Never will I achieve the world greatest defense.

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