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Thursday, April 8, 2010

a careless move

Here we go again. Well, I am kind of nervous because I committed a big mistake this morning at my job. I am really scared to be reprimanded by the manager (shocks). My heart is pounding faster by 3 beats per second. I think I am going to collapse because I will be dead this evening. I am really disappointed of myself. I have been working for many months already and yet I still commit huge mistakes. I sometimes wander if I am capable of working there with a huge amount of carelessness in my system. I am expecting to be totally blown by furious words this evening and it really sends shivers down to my spins. I almost find trouble after one another. I always think of negative things and it really happen. What a bid jerk I am, or fool perhaps. I do not have the luck as well as the courage to fight all the misfortunes in my very mystic existence. There is no excuse to my carelessness but why do I always commit the same mistakes, I think I am stupid. I am really having a hard time fixing my torn yet there are still adding on it.

There are times that I no longer feel that luck is in my blood. Maybe, when God showered luck upon the Earth, I was inside the house watching cartoons. Nevertheless, I have to go on and face the consequences of my undeniably pathetic actions. No I have seen anyone as unlucky as I am. I do not want to exaggerate but I think I am one of the most unfortunate when it comes to simple things. Today, I will face my greatest fear. Why do I often mess up things, I wish there is a medicine for carelessness. I cannot bear the slides that I have been going through, the heartaches and headaches.No wonder I always get bumped by troubles along every way that I am crossing. There are times that I cannot help but fall into the deep wells of misery and misjudgments.

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