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Sunday, April 11, 2010

it was a surprise

It is quite a surprise!

I was not expecting that I could see her in this kind of place. She was so beautiful and awfully dumb. Her voice was quite irritating that I was not able to put my attention to my work. She was so demanding and she was really thinking she can amaze everyone with her angelic face. There is no such thing as dumb as her, no wonder she was never popular until she joined a beauty contest. It was not a good day. I never thought that I would be hook to this kind of entertainment for the eyes of the sorrowful element. what a beautiful day,for my and for you and entire human race. (hahahahahahahahha)that was amazing for someone whose intelligence was not as high as mine. (naksssss) i really hate this part right when she is so eager to know my thoughts.

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