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Friday, April 9, 2010

one question, one answer....

When people ask you questions that are very hard for you to answer would you still answer it or you would rather turn your back and walk away. Is answering the question you know that is hard for you to answer is being brave or to rather keep the answer to your self more reasonable? I cannot seem to understand why are there people who are not sensitive enough that they are throwing questions which are directly below the belt…. (Well that’s both literally and figuratively encoding).

I cannot seem to escape from the reality that I have many things to say but the problem is to whom. It is very easy to say but it is quite hard to find a person that will listen and understand what you are talking about. There is a certain fact that I could not bear the soul of boredom if I am alone but why do I always get to hang out with people not in my level. When I was younger, not that I am already old, I always been the center of attraction. I mean I am always the root of all the troubles happening in the area of responsibility. (ha?)

So many questions that I need some answers but am I prepared to know them. There is no such thing as easy question when it comes to your personal being right?

But there is a certain question that I really want to know the answer………….


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