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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A bad hair day

I was totally not in the mood to do something. Don’t like my clothes, especailly the pants. I was not able to any protection to my face today. I feel so oily and ugly. I somehow lost my ever high self-confidence today. I was stuck in the office reading this “high school of the dead” which I found out to be BORING in the process but I am still hoping that it would be good as I read along. I have not done anything useful today just because I don’t like my attire. I do not like roaming around the campus wearing this funny attire(IT IS NOT THAT UGLY, I AM JUST DOING THIS FOR EMPHASIS).
What are the things you should do if you are not confident:
1. Close your eyes so you won’t see people staring at you
2. Change your clothes
3. Act as if you are not affected
4. Think that they look uglier than you
5. Put a mask on
6. Kebs!
7. Isolate yourself from other people
8. Play hide and seek
9. Go home
10. Cry?

I think that the sun was also freaking hot. It adds my tardiness. I fell like a Popsicle slowly melting in the scorching heat of the SUN. What is wrong with me?

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