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Friday, August 27, 2010

I Hate when I hate

There are people that we cannot control because they are simply out of reach. They are not like me because we are different. I do not like these kinds of people because they cannot say it to me straight to the point because they are not aware who they are dealing with. I don not care what other people say (I’m not affected! you sons of a bitch). But it is nice to have you around because you fill the pages of my notes. I have something to write for other people to see because people, I mean dumb people, make my life happy. Actually these kinds of people do not know who I am with right now are somehow rubbishes on my path. But I cannot tell them that because I can’t. it is just that I honestly do not have the right to do so. It is against one’s human right and I do not like other people to make such actions towards me as well. One thing that pisses me off are there mind bugging faces. They look like filthy pigs waiting for there sorry parents to give them some forage. Well, does it really make since to focus this blog on them? No.

On the other hand, let me share a small anecdote of what had happened on the 13th of April this year. Where am I? Ohh! Sorry, I lost track, I was also watching an anime as of this time. Yeah, the anecdote, I lost my wallet. I was searching for it everywhere but I was disappointed. Well, I only have a hundred on that wallet as well as my ATM card that contains all of my salary for the month of March. WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!

What will I do? Am I gonna loose my hardwork, all the sweat and blood which I literally shed. All the hurting words, pissing crew mates, head aching costumers, and sleepless nights. Let me repeat! WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH. I was searching for every corner, did someone stole it? Or have I lost it? Or left it somewhere and someone with the need for money had seen it and has no intention to give it back to me even though my I.D. is in there. What’s wrong with the world? Or what’s wrong with me. Do have any clue to where should I look? I have been asking to many questions lately. Well, I kind of liking this anime. Sorry, I lost track again, the loading really takes so long. My gully! I press the wrong key. I am such an idiot. Going back with my wallet. I found it in my mother’s bag, she said I left on the chair while I was disarming my bags.

Well, all the bags are packed but am I ready to go the place where there is nothing but me, alone, in the darkness of my on existence. How could I possibly end this? When the person stopping me in nearby. Here we go again! Here we go again! Kids nowadays are not that amusing anymore. Or are they still kids? What the f*ck! Oooppsss. I am kind of saying bad bad words lately. am I inconsiderate or they are just being unreasonable to the extent that already taking a huge toll on me. This kid told me to get to my actions but I guess it really make me laugh but I can not because it will really make them scream to death. Hahahahahhahahahah.

What is wrong with them? What is wrong with them? What is wrong with him? Yeah. I mean yes, I am certainly pissing them off, well that’s what you get for messing with the great “ME”. I think you do not know what I am talking about. It was just a short story of me and others in this 24/7 computer café’.

And I am going to continue this till they scream? Am I bad? Yes. And I like it because they started it. They got me pissed off in the first place, they should have talked to me calmly and asked me a favor but it was certainly the other way around.

They are angry! They are angry! But I am too. Let us see who is going to pull the trigger first. Is it me or them? Will they finally put an end to their misery or they will continue to spit words which they think that could affect me. Well, guesss what I am to stupid to follow instructions from other people which I do not get am hell damn of anything. Tell the operator to stop me because if you won’t them I won’t. you might as well quit what you are doing and come back if I am already gone. Hahahahahahahha. This is getting more exiting than ever. I am no longer sleepy anymore because these people really put the hell of a damn on me. But what else can they do I am totally hard headed. Sorry for the inconvenience but I am going to stay here for good. And I am not going to stop until my journey towards complete happiness will be achieve. Nor will I surrender my rights as a rightful costumer of this computer café’.

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