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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This badge stands as the Income Generating Project
of the Mass Communication Society for the school year
2010- 2011.
This badge aims to collect as many money as it can.
With this, the Mass Communication Society will generate
an income.
Corporate Rules:

I. When inside the CAS 108 (MC Room) every Mass
Communication Student should speak in English.
II. Expressions in the dialect are not excuse.
III. Even a single word in the dialect is not allowed.
IV. Everyone should be vigilant, even if your not
the badge holder.
V. The badge is effective in any part of the day or night.
VI. Badge holders are not allowed to speak in the dialect.

Every badge holder shall pay two pesos (P2.00) immediately.
The last badge holder will pay five pesos (P5.00) immediately.
If the badge holder is speaking in the dialect, he/she shall pay
One peso (P1.00) per dialect word he/she says.
Failure to pay immediately, he/she shall pay double the next day,
so on and so fort.


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