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Sunday, August 15, 2010

a steamy night

It was just a normal night, well, that was i thought it would be but i was mistaken.I was happily surfing the sea of information of which what we humans call internet. When someone beside tap my shoulders and said "naaku'y ipakita nimu". She showed pictures of someone familiar, I mean someone I really know. Those were pictures that quite show an intimate relationship. But what bewildered me is that none of them are boys. Yes, they were both females!, I was literally swept away by those pictures. NO... I think I just got carried away, maybe it was not the right time for me to know. I was hearing rumors about their relationship but I did not give any damn about it. And i am wondering even why I'm writing this....

To continue with my quest towards sleepeness.....I was focusing my eyes to those pictures, scrutinizing every detail, hoping to find what would be the reason "why?". There are things that i can hardly understand but this was something that you can learn inside the classroom. It's kind of awkward talking about this so i guess this would be the end.

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