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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Talking about things I do not know

Have you tried being kicked by a horse? Being bitten by a shark? Or being punched by a Super Heavyweight Boxing champion? What about being used by an unfaithful partner? Which among the questions above do you think hurts the most? You already have an answer, don’t you? You cannot deny that the last one hurts most. Wouldn’t you agree?

We seldom find something more hurting than to be used by the person that we love. But when your partner takes you for granted, it is a whole new story; you should be brave to tell him/her that your relationship is over. Even though breaking up is disheartening, it is not the end of the world. You should bear in mind that in every end there will be a new beginning. Learn to knock and a new door will open for you.

There are lots of mistakes that newly-singled people commit after the breakup, without knowing that they are making the situation harder for them to move on. Do not expect for reconciliations because today is the time for renewal. Here is a way to forget your ex in order to move on.

1. Do not pity yourself

It is almost impossible that an individual will not experience break ups. In point of fact, this is a normal phenomenon of being a teenager especially when you meet many people every single day. It is advisable to keep your self busy rather than just hanging around in a solitary room feeling weak and defenseless. Accept that you loose, besides you are just a human that commits mistakes.

2. Your single! Face it

If you want to forget your ex, stop dreaming that you will be back in each others arms again. Learn to accept that you are single and be happy, before you search or date, in the least, someone.

Enjoy the freedom of being single; do things whatever and whenever you want. Look for a cheesy movie that will surely tickle your heart, it is better to do it alone. Do not entertain your ex if he/she is calling you. Do not keep anything that might make you remember him/her. After that you will feel as light as a feather.

3. Set your heartaches free

Break ups frequently results to unpleasant feelings, it could be a deep sense of loneliness to a great range of anger. Identify what your heart is telling you, admit if it really hurts, then drop it like it is hot.

If you are having a hard time on the “setting free” part, try to have an outlet through writing what are you feeling on a piece of paper, then throw it or tear it apart. If it does not work, take a nap, take a walk or eat chocolates but if your cost cutting bananas will do, just do anything that will break the flow of negative thoughts.

As a general rule, wash out all the evil inside your brain in a good manner of course, such as sports, arts like singing, dancing, and drawing, or writing a diary. Look for a comfort zone; do not be afraid to search someone you can share your heartaches with.

4. Remember that your ex is not perfect

It is really painful thinking and remembering his tantalizing eyes or her sweet way of answering you calls. But why not think of his/her flaws? Think of the qualities that you do not like about him/her, like how annoying, extremely boring, and unfaithful he/she was. It will be a big step to your full recovery.

5. Do not communicate with him/her

Loneliness is the most unbearable part of breaking up. If it reaches to the part that you will have to tie your hands in order to avoid his/her call, do it.

Even if your ex is an excellent source of comfort when you were still together, calling him/her to show that you have already recovered will only make it worst. There are lots of fish in the water, learn to search and you will find.

6. Start a new hobby

You have all the power of trying new things, without a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Find things that your ex was not interested in, whether it is counting ships or baking cakes. Indulge your self on activities that will make your time worth while. Aside from the fact that you will meet other people, you might meet a new admirer or an inspiration.

7. What went wrong is history

Truly, many break ups usually do not have a certain or valuable cause. These things happen when the communication between partners is weak. It is not saying that we should not learn from our mistakes but thinking and dwelling on the possible causes of the breakup is not helping.

As an alternative, do not focus on what happened in the past, live for today but look forward for tomorrow. God always has a plan for us, sometimes we feel alone but actually God is saving someone better than the one we had before. So move on! The right one is maybe just around.

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