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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'd rather be brutally frank than to be DUMB!

The days have passed and all the allegations and rumors collided. It’s hard to accuse someone whom you have been for a long time. But what if all the facts point to him, will I do nothing? Being suspected by something bad is not bad when you know to yourself that you are not doing something bad. Being paranoid will just make the people think more bad about you. And what’s with the change of attitude. Like what the hell is wrong with you? And for the record, acting weird makes you more suspicious you know. When I thought I was the only one who “changed Imaged”.

The time to make a stand and spill the beans has arrived. Will I consider his feelings or will I pursue my quest for the truth. I choose the TRUTH. I DON’T MIND BEING HATED IF THAT IS THE PRICE OF TELLING THE TRUTH. Besides, if you are not guilty then you don’t have anything to feel bad about. Again, for the record, you always say that you are “OPEN-MINDED”, let’s see if that is really true.

I have find lots of means to solve this problem, making it a priority…..forget all the projects and deadlines. Logical and irrational to be exact. I even went to a fortune teller. I’m so desperate. And I even wonder why am I so desperate.

I do believe that the decision I have made was totally correct. If it’s not him then good for all of us coz at least his not, then he could clear his name. I rather be brutally frank than to be a hypocrite saying that I could work with him even though I’m thinking bad about him.

On the other hand, what if I’m correct that it is really him. Then all the problems will be gone. We will be back to normal but of course without him. Because his going to rot in jail. Ooooppppssss…I’m so bad. If you need SYMPATHY, I won't work with me.

Is he innocent or not? I will not stop till I found out. I WILL NEVER SHUT UP.

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