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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just Got Late!

Super Junior is just one of the boy bands from South Korea. I have heard of their band before but I was not that interested to Korean pop or commonly called as K-pop. Who the hell would like such music?, you don’t understand what they are saying. Even their dancing skills did not even give me any thrill because I’ve seen that a million times ago. In the streets perhaps, even the amateurs can do those moves.
But as what the famous cliché says “It’s better late than never.” I heard these lines from the radio “Neoui ttatteuthan geu soni chagapge, chagapge shikeo isseul ttae
Neoui ganghaetdeon geu ma eumi nal karopge sangcheo badasseul ttae
Naega jaba julge anajulge salmyeoshi, geugeoseuro jakeun iroman dwendamyeon johgesseo
Eonjena deo maneun geol haejugo shipeun nae mam neon da mollado dwae” (I got this from the internet….like dumb…I can’t memorize it….)
Hahahaha……I was so enticed by its fast beat. Yeah, I know all the songs are like that now. But what I like about it is that I don’t understand the lyrics yet I want to listen to it. And I just don’t know why. Where am I? Sorry, got out of track, here is the muscleman…..I was strangely surfing youtube for their music videos and many of my office mates can observe. As of now, got to see, I think five of their MV’s, I play them again and again until I memorize the lines so that I could brag it to my friends.
Lately, I was imitating some of their moves…(like I could do that….). I don’t care how I look like when I do that as long as I am feeling good about it. I wish I had as white complexion as them. Hehehehe….one true fact….Filipinos want to be what they are not……
I also observed that one of them looks like me…..hehehehehehehehhehhehehehehhehehehheh………guess who!

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  1. hahaha. i love this post my friend. cute au and SJ oi, ehehehe. and you do look like one of em. :)


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