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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life is a matter of Choice

This is a story of two birds who grew up together inside a cage. The name of two birds are FREE and SAFE. One day, the door of the cage the two birds are having a dilemma whether to go out or to stay. FREE said that they should go out because they can explore the world outside, where they can spread their wings and fly as high as they can. But SAFE, asserted that inside the cage there is no danger of hunters nor predators, and they don't have to look for their food because their master is generous to them.

FREE decided to live the cage and flew away. he met new friends who were so happy to him. He was eating as many as he can, food that he has never tasted in his whole life. He is amazed by the scenery whom he only sees on pictures and television. "This is the happiest day of my life," FREE expressed.

SAFE stayed and gets the full attention of her master. She was amazed on how her master takes care of her, not like when FREE was still around. She gets a larger amount of food and water. She is especially taken to a veterinarian for a check up. "This is the Happiest day of my life," SAFE exclaimed.

Then one day FREE was shot by a hunter but escaped but was eaten by a python. While, SAFE was eaten by the cat, named Bullshit, of their neighbor when her master went out to work. So the both birds died. There are times that whether you like it or not, there is no better choice.

You are helpless that you sometimes give up and cry. But I'm not that weak though. Damn all the fuckin' critiques. I wish I was not what I am.


  1. wew! na-amaze kos sa mga gadgets bai.. gihapiros.. haha:)

  2. ...kaw ra gagama ani nga story ken? ...nice ang moral lesson...

  3. @lycel: naku ting, na overwhelm sa gadgets..haha


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