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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My 2010 year Ender

A new year is unfurling before our very eyes but let me rewind all the joyful and tragic events of my 2010.

I know this is frustrating but the start of my 2010 was not that good, being one of the millions of working students in the country. Indeed, it was difficult reaching cut off grades for my major subjects, passing articles for the publication and working as a cashier in a fast food restaurant.

But looking back, it was a fun, exciting and exhausting year for a man of action like me. If you happen to know me, you can often see me walking, running, reading and surfing the internet. So read tight as I narrate the year that has made me who I am this year.

January. On the seventh of the month, I started working as a cashier in a fast food chain. I never thought that I would be working since I am the kind of person that does not like diversions when it comes to my studies. But I guess you really do not a have choice when your pocket does not have even a single cent in it. I was also working hard to pass an article in the publication every week. I was not yet a regular staff that time, still under probation as what they call it. Luckily, I was able to cope up with the new environment that I am in. Also, I was successfully accepted as a regular staff in the publication.

February. Who cares about February? I think my love story is as common as yours so I rather skip this month. I have no romantic events that I could relate but this month was special.

March. Finals!!! Busy is the simplest word that I could ever describe this month. I have lots of requirements in almost all of my seven subjects with six major subjects to be precise. Since, I got accepted as a regular staffer in the publication so I must prove that I am worth it hence legging for news in almost all the corners of the campus became my hobby. Adding to it, I am having double shifts at my work. I think this would be the right time to say sorry if ever I was not able to entertain your hi and hello.

April. Before I write anything, let me have my sigh of relief. I was quite astonished with the deceleration but I was thankful I had finally time to take a deep breath. During the whole month of April, I was working on a night shift schedule, staying alive from ten in the evening till six in the morning. In relation, I was harassed by a drunken costumer, shouting and held my neck. I was startled that I was not able to move a muscle, good thing my co-workers made an action that somehow made the costumer realize his actions. It was an experience I will carry on all my life.

May. Hep! Hep! Hooray! It is May. I like this month simply because it is my birth month. I am already 19, still a teen. One thing I will not forget about this month is when I had my first birthday party. Yes, it was my first. My family does not celebrate birthdays. I guess I have to say thank you to my jolly friends.

June. I am back in falling in long queues, under the scorching heat of the king sun, and enduring the smell of my fellow enrollees. My work contract has expired so I’m back to full time student. I also secretly decided to out shine other writers in the publication. Well, I took it as an inspiration. I passed as many articles every week. Hunting for news articles has somehow become an obsession back then.

July. I honestly cannot remember what happened in July. I scanned through my blogs but I could not find anything. Maybe, I was so hook on hunting articles that I forgot to post something in my blog.

August. This was a challenging month. I became a volunteer radio reporter in the leading radio station in Negros Oriental. I have visited every agency and interviewed the big wigs in the city. Not to mention, I often stay awake all night just to make my script for the report next morning. My first radio broadcast was exhilarating, my tendons are trembling.

September. I feel like not continuing with this. The heartbreak that I have gained during this month was still fresh until this very moment. Just because of a simple carelessness that I could have ruin my plan, my plan to have a good future. This month had really tested my strength as a person. Anger and fear ate me. Stupid is the word that I could say to myself.

October. Still bewildered by the sad event in the previous month, I have done unexplainable things. Things that just make me laugh to death whenever I think about it. Also, I was promoted as an editor in the publication. Being an editor is a demanding position that I had doubt if I could handle. But there is no harm in trying, right?

November. I was not quite amused by this month mainly because I got a misunderstanding with one of my closest and reliable friend in the publication. She suddenly changed into someone I cannot fathom, from being friendly to a sarcastic one which often irritates me. I spent the month feeling guilty of something I do not know. Also, she did not say anything but I know there is something wrong.

December. I started the month right, on the third night of the month while watching Teddy’s concert, I settled everything between that close friend. Aside from that, all I did was to eat and eat any food served on the table. Unfortunately, 2010 did not end nicely for my family since my father met an accident which had almost cost his life. Hence, we spent the media noche in the hospital.

It was indeed a roller coaster ride for me. Up and down. Now, as I face the year of the metal hare, I know greater challenges are ahead but the morals that I have acquired will surely aide me to overcome them.

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