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Friday, March 25, 2011

Always a winner...Kamsahamnida TN

After all the hard works and hardships that I have underwent has finally bore its sweet fruits-the product of all the the sweat, sleepless nights, and disappointments, perhaps. Now, a new chapter of my life has finally taken the center stage.

I once thought that this day would be impossible. "From rugs to riches," as what a close friend of mine said. Though, I am still poor by money, I am very rich when it comes to learnings, fulfillment, and maturity. The once underdog has finally fully grown into a griffin (next destination-millineum dragon).

I cannot contain the happiness that I feel. I cannot stop thanking all my supporters especially to MARGA, who acknowledges me and loves me but with something in return of course. But I really don't mind, she's just so adorable that I whenever I see her, I easily forget her imperfections. Well, I'm a person that praises intelligent actually very intellegent people no matter how bad they can be, maybe because I'm not the good type of person. Long live all intelligent people of the world. Margs, good luck for Thomson Reuters, you have all my prayers even though I seldom do it. Watchout! I'll be there in a year.

To CAROLINE, thank you for guiding me, giving me honest and right advices, I could not go on doing what I am doing without you. You are like my older and little sister, thank you for reminding me of my mistakes. Thank you for telling me how to control my emotions. Thank you for supporting me from the start till the end. I wish you all the luck in the world.

To DORA, my dearest congratulations to you, Magna Cum Laude right? Wow. Amazing. Though you were not there, I strongly felt your support. My ever silent supporter, though you were not vocal about it, but your sympathy towards me has reached to my bones. You are truly a Lady of substance. Thank you.

To LYCEL, thank you for the encouragement that I could be the EIC. I still remember the day when we talked at the Freedom Park last November 2010. I was still a nobody back then, you said that I am your future EIC. Those words of yours has really given inspiration. I really see to it that I won't make you change your mind till this very day, luckily I had'nt. Please continue to be my "conscience", stay clean so that I would be ashamed and afraid to commit mistakes (corruption!). Thank you very much.

To CHERRY and CRYSTAL, my ever loyal supporters, thank you. You don't know how much I appreciate all the support and motivating words you have said to me. Despite all the criticisms, you have stayed loyal and even defended me. For that, I thank you and bare in mind that I will never forget the help you gave me.

To JELA, ENJENETTE, MYRNA, CATHERINE and JEFFREY, my super-dooper cute baby angels (I think it does not fit Catherine, but never mind), thank you from the bottom of my highly evolved brain. I could have not reached where I am now without your support. I am happy that I really gave time and effort to find you, I am really blessed that I have found each and every one of you. I am certain that this will be the start of our long-lasting friendship.

To ARVIN, JANET, and ROXANNE, my co-probationers, I am really sorry for being such a jerk. I had a happy time sharing all our sorrows and disappointments, you are actually my treasures (you are preciuos to me...ew), I know you may not feel it but I really do care about each one of you. I really apppreciated the support you had given me. The first two had see to it that they could cast there votes even without their presence and the third has come back just to suppport me (well, in any case, that is what I had felt). Thank you and I adore the three of you.

To ROLYN, RINA, and RYAN, (3-R, what a coincidence, I know call you, RORIRY), my in-coming assisting editors. To PAUL and CHEENO, my seniors in artistry. To JAPHET and PIERCE, my not-so-good-impression-of-me staffs (I think I can solve it in no time). To JESSIE, my future articulated writer. To LINCOLN, my soon-to-be unique staff.

Thank you for teaching me how to think critically. All of you have contributed to one realization. "You really can't please everyone." It reminds me that not all of my actions will lead to the satisfactory of everyone. I need to see the bigger picture of things, and I hope all of you will, too. All I can say to all of you for now is that "I will kill you ALL...with my kindness." You have not seen the other side of me yet (I think only Caroline knew). Well anyways, that's all for now. Just keep your eyes open, always.

To my PARENTS and BROTHERS, I LOVE you all. Thank you for ONLY giving me everything.

To my MASS COMMUNICATION FAMILY (classmates, seniors, subordinates, and instructors), I thank you for my journalistic skills.

To my past editors (MARVIN, ARRIANNE, JOEL, NADINE, and JUNRELL), I thank all of you for the knowledge you have imparted in my naive mind.

Most of all, thank you to KENNETH B. PAEL for giving the best that he could in every thing that he does.

I am such and will always be a winner. I thank you, bow!

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  1. nah...algways welcome kuya ken!! always here to help you!!!!


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