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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Best News Story

Success is a word often associated with triumphant. An impoverished kid finished a college degree and turned into a business tycoon. An ugly girl who has a talent in singing became a world icon. An unknown chinita girl who joined a reality television show happened to be one of the sought-after actresses today. A good guy, though poor, who helped children to learn basic education won a world renowned title. Or an uneducated boy who does not know how to read and write developed into a world boxing champion.

These success stories are often published on newspapers, magazines and other media outlets and read by millions of people. Their stories are truly inspiring. Success, I think, is the most suitable word that one could describe what they have achieved.

I am just a simple guy with simple dreams in life. I am not asking to be filthy rich or to have the most beautiful maiden in the world as my wife. I already embarked in my mind that I will never be as successful as those mentioned above for my dreams are not big. But I had also succeeded in my own little way.

Two years ago, I was just one of the millions of out-of-school youths in the country. When I heard from my parents that I could continue my schooling, I could not put into words the happiness that I felt. Unfortunately, I have to shift to another course since the first one was quite expensive. So, I ended up taking Mass Communication. Back to my definition of success, many people say that there is no money in journalism. But I did not care; I am not aiming to be rich anyway.

Then, I decided to join the school paper for it will somehow train me into a good journalist someday. The first month as a student journalist was exciting. Though I was also a member of the school paper when I was in high school, the pressure of being a writer in a weekly publication was tremendously exhilarating and fun.

Two months have passed since I became a student journalist, the time has come for the judgment I would be a regular staff of the publication. But, there are some realities that we could not abolish. If the person who has power does not like you, then certainly, no matter how much you try, it will never be recognized. So, I was not accepted as a regular staff and continued to be on probation for another two months.

Quitting the publication came into mind, but I then realized that if I quit then might as well quit schooling for I am a Mass Communication student, and that will be the nature of my job in the future. So I continued to write.



Two months had swiftly passed; the moment of judgment has finally arrived. But the thrill was no longer there for I am confident that I would get it this time and I was not mistaken. But my quest does not end there.

A new school year has opened, I had inculcated in my mind that I will be the best writer the paper had. I strived to pass at least three articles every week though we are only asked to past one. Yes, I did that just to prove that I deserve to be in the publication.

My efforts have finally bore its fruits, I was appointed as the Assistant Features Editor. From being a newbie, then under probation, to regular, and now editor, it was somehow too good to be true. Many of my batch mates and other staffs would even say that I am “from rags to riches”. Though, there were some who have ill feelings that I became an editor in a fast period of time but to my mind I just thought that they were just insecure.

After few months of being an editor, I was invented by The Spectrum, the official Media Corps of University of St. La Salle, to be a delegate in their press conference and also, it is their first time to hold campus press awards. Luckily, my news article entitled “Sojor orders PE teachers to return number tag fee” was nominated as Best News Story competing different schools in the country.

On the third day of the seminar, the awarding of winners has finally arrived. I was nervous and excited. The atmosphere of the room was really cold adding to my anxiety. As the host read the nominees one by one, I closed my eyes and crossed my fingers hoping that I would win.

“And the Best News Story goes to…The NORSUnain…Sojor orders PE teachers to return number tag fee by Kenneth B. Pael.”

“The Best Editorial goes to…The NORSunian…One skewed rule by Maria Margarita Narvasa.’

“The Best Editorial cartoon goes to…again…The NORSUnian…by Paul Anthony Eso.”

Yes, those three awards came in row. I and my colleagues, as well as the other delegates, were amazed that we actually got three top awards considering that we are the only weekly publication and the articles are limited in that certain issue that we passed.

It took me few seconds before I could grasp the idea that I actually won. During my speech, all that I had said was thank you. For a talkative person like me, I was like blank at that time. My first national award, though some people belittle it, for me, it was already big.

I then realized that success does not only revolve on becoming rich and famous. It is about contentment. Every person can attain success, no matter how big or small.


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