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Friday, March 18, 2011

Meet Vicky the 2nd

To exercise her freedom of speech is what she was talking about. Though it is a mortal sin, let me stoop down to her level.
I was totally stunned upon reading her blog this afternoon, I certainly acknowledge that she is an asset of the university, and she deserves to be in the university. However, it would have been better if she knew her position really well. Posting malicious imputations on an institution in a social networking site really shows ill-mannerism. When i became a member of the pud, her org and our institution already have a cold war for the reason I do not know. Writing that kind of article is an insane, overreacting act. It is like announcing to the whole world that i do not know how to distinguish banner stories and it is a slap right straight to my face.
There is so called the freedom of expression, but there is also what we call manners. Without the publication, who will voice the needs of the students? Who will expose wrong doings of instructors maltreating their students? Without the pub, we could have been still smelling fetid canals, no faucets and comfort rooms? Now, do you not think that we deserve a little respect and support when we need it?
Again, I believe that she is a significant member of the university, but she should know that she is no longer a student, she should take note of her actions. I do not have any issues with her, I just think that what she did is not right. ALL opinions, good or bad, need to be spoken. But we, as well the university president, value confidentiality. Why it is not published? Is it not obvious? No information must leak out until the investigation is done. You should have known that. Paying for the sin we did not commit, are we not the victims here?
So let me answer her question she raised years ago. Who will guard the guards? For your information, we are not guards, we do not have scars. We are campus journalists.We are not perfect but certainly we know what is right. Freedom has its limitation, and good manners should not be forgotten.

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