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Friday, April 22, 2011

ActuALLY on The FielD

17 days have passed since i had my ojt. It's a nice experience to be able to face the Governor of a premiere province such as Cebu, EVERYDAY. That's absolutely insane. I'm just an intern yet I'm given such opportunity (not to mention that I have free lunch as well).

Well, let me relate 17 things i like about my OJT.

17. The Freeman Newspaper is a welcoming publication, they do not treat me like an intern (at least the editors do, some senior reporters get insecure sometimes...)

16. I can read manga, EVERYDAY

15. I get to roam around Cebu (SM, Robinson and Gaisano malls are so big)

14. I get to publish at least one article a day which is just 100pesos...hahah (see...the Freeman kenneth B pael)

13. I get to improve my writing skills (even EICs need to improve their skills)

12. I get to meet other reporters from other newspaper...(though some of them do not like, i always have them out-scooped...sorry guys...i'm not just an "intern")

11. I get to ask questions with the governor (cool right!)

10. I get to eat free lunch...catered and buffet....(yummy)

9. I receive lots of gifts packs during press conferences (gluta, t-shirts, and kits)

8. I got partnered with the best writer at it because I'm the best intern as well?

7. I get to have my Press ID

6. I can eat what I want..thanks for the,dad

5. I got a boarding house, it's my first time...kawaii

4. I learned how to be patient...listening to countless words...need to find the right angle of my story

3. I get to see on television...4 minute exposure was memorable (I was beside the governor when she was interviewed by GMA, ABS-CBN, and Sugbo NEWS)

2. I learned to be with my friends...

1. I'm still the best.

There you go...11 days to go and my ojt is over...I'm making most of it...

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