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Friday, May 6, 2011

getting there...

It has been month since last month, I still have not gotten rid of my "kidminded-joker" attitude though I have been exposed to real life situations when I had my internship at Cebu. It is really indeed a vindictive place out there, not school nor home.

Though I am just intern, I was not treated that way nor I did let other people to treat me that way. Well, some commended that I was confident enough to throw questions at the Governor though it was just my first day. But some say that I was too confident to act as if I was a true reporter. In my mind, "what do you expect from the Mass Society President, awarded as the best news story writer for a national leg, and Editor-in-chief of our campus paper."

I can't really blame them, all the interns, aside from me, do not ask questions or even speak in the least. They are just there in the conference room observing and waiting for their senior writers to tell them what to do. They really look pathetic but it is absolutely not my concern because everyone has their own perspective on internship. One funny thing is that, they cram whenever their seniors tell them to do something like put up the mic or record something. I act as if it was nothing funny, I do not want to look arrogant.

I also like the scenario that when there's a presscon, there is always food, I mean real eat-all-you can savory food. I gained weight, I think, because of that. I am not fat!

I feel tired!

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