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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who Run the World

Okay, life is how you live it. I grew up in a tough environment; I never rely on someone not even a close friend. Well, most often because of that nature, people think that I’m selfish. People think that I only care of what will be good for me. Yes, they’re right. I’m evil inside, but with my innocent good-looking physique and bubbly personality, no one would guess that, unless I tell them.

Yeah, most of the people I knew think that I’m not serious, but what they don’t know is that I’m just hiding my true rage, well, I need to protect my image. Behind my smile and laugh is a demon ready to attack. Many people say that I’m the peaceful type of person, what they don’t know is that I’m a big troublemaker.

No one is truly kind, that’s what I believe in, so why should I be kind. People backstabbing each other, pulling each other down, crab mentality is what you call it. You try to pull someone down because he or she is higher than you. Yes, I do that but in a way that no one can determine even sometimes I forgot that I’m already doing so.

The master of disguise and the great pretender is what I call myself. I can swiftly wear a white suit though my body is wrapped in black. I can tell people that I am clean though my soul is rotten. I can wear a smile with my heart hurting. I can even show sadness though I’m happy. I can say that I’m good though I’m evil. They believe me. I really don’t know how I do it but I’m effective and efficient.

I have reached everything I wanted so far (goals, money, popularity, love) because I’m evil; would I feel sorry for myself? I say to myself that I’m evil but people say that I’m not doing anything wrong. They tell me that what I’m doing is just fine and is accordingly to what is right. But who can say what is right and wrong?

I’m good in manipulating people; they easily fall with my crocodile tears. They give me what I want, they follow what I want. They are quite intelligent people but become stupid when I show my poker face. I call the shots. Also, I think I’ve master the art of eliminating people that block my way. Fortunately, they do that to themselves, I could say that I'm simply annoying and irritating. It is absolutely not my fault.

Clever and Intelligent. Charming and innocent face. Unwavering hard work and perseverance. These are the qualities I possess, qualities I use to its full capacity. How can I lose to anything or anybody? Even I do lose, who would know? No one can, only me.

But one quality that I perfected is lying. Yes, telling LIES. I think I just lied.

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