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Monday, June 27, 2011

Love Me Not

Okay, I know it will sound arrogant but to all who has a liking to me, sorry this person is not yet ready for a mutual relationship. I apparently had observed that people around me (family, relatives, TN staff, classmates and friends) have been pressuring me to get into a relationship. I know I’m 20 but do I really need to have a partner right now?

I AM NOT YET READY. Wouldn’t it be romantic to meet your special someone in an unexpected place and time or in the most awkward moment? I know it’s like throwing a stone to the moon but what can I do, I still believe in DESTINY. And most importantly, I WANT MY FIRST TO BE THE LAST. Well, aside from the fact that I could avoid STD, I strongly believe that your ONLY HEART should be given to ONLY ONE.

In the first place, with my looks and intelligence, it’s just easy to find a partner. Believe it or not, there were even some who courted me. I don’t know if they really like or love me. Do not love me just like me, okay!!!

One of my classmates told me to accept a girl who has been “in love” with me for the longest time. He told me that I could use her as a “practice”. I was stunned by his suggestion. I laughed and laughed and laughed because I took it as a joke though he was serious. I know it’s normal to talk about SEX since we are already adults but it just seems to be queer to my ears. Taking advantage of someone just because she likes you, well, I don’t know.

Of course, I do have crushes since kindergarten, yes, just crushes. Every year, I change my crushes. I think it’s just normal, right?

“ONE TRUE LOVE” seems to be a phrase only heard or seen in movies. It’s already 2011 but I’m still stuck with my wishful thinking but I would never say never. I'll wait until I finally find you.

For the record, I am not the type that would like to talk about these kinds of things. But I think it would not harm me if I write once in a while.


  1. are correct!it really waits:)

  2. Pink lips???? hahahahahah....xur????

  3. "Do not love me just like me, okay!!!"

    ..,,weeeehh,bahala ka,ayoko ko nga,,
    nanun tangshinul sarang hamnida keneth,*(:

  4. Ok ra Car basta ikaw.....di kasi tayo TALO...hahahahahahahah...

  5. ,.wahaha,bsta someday if u'll find that person share2x daun nako ha,,pra maplano nako ia kamatayon,,wahaha,,bitaw keneth i know that person kung kinsa man na cia puhon,swerte nia kc though pakshit au ka,when it comes to love, u;ll be very sweet,,ajah sa imo lovelife keneth,*(:

  6. ewness... ikaw Car, naa nakay prospect dira????

  7. ,.wala,busy au ko,,wla nako kahuna-huna ana,*(:

  8. yah,,because I have a pink and a kissable lips....c rolyn ga proposed ana nga pen name,,

  9. ,dakong oa ka keneth,how sad ka dyan,,.palayo sa ko temptasyon keneth kay mamabdos nia kog sayo,,wahahah,,bitaw serious mode maabot ra nia na,*(:

  10. @jeffrey: MAo BAh!!!
    @Caroline: butbut...bantay mana mubutod...hahahahah

  11. anah,,madahag dili...ui..i always read your blogs causing me not to make mine,,hahahahahahha

  12. Hahaizzzz.... two thumbs-up jud ka "Manong" Ken.!!! grabeh... I love your blog.!!! really interesting.....hahahahahaha

    uie,NBSB pud ka???? di halata,(JOKE.!!) wow,swerte na man ng gurl na yan.!!! hahahaha


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