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Thursday, June 30, 2011

One more Chance...

I am at the edge of glory. I can clearly see the ending. But what is holding me back? Am I going back to that kind and naïve me? The me that is always the underdog, the me who is weak to fight. All has been done. What am I waiting for? I have all the advantage that I could possibly have. All is set. Do I feel pity? Yes, somehow, I guess. Also, I have promised to value everyone. I think I’ll stick to that and losing a staff would certainly mean that I’m an ineffective leader. I need to be stronger. But why do challenges seems to have no end? Why is it always had to be for their good? What about me? I’m really torn. I never thought that I would come this far. I think I’ll wait. Yeah, that’s all I could do for now. It's all up to that girl now.


  1. "I'm really torn."
    "It's all up to that girl now."

    ...weh! so weh! I think I know that "girl" already...hahaha :P

  2. ,.ayaw klimot keneth ur the EIC,,and active pajud,,weh?,,hehe,bitaw so its natural to feel those things, bsta just be strong, understandble, and open-minded,.ask advices lang jud sa u mga co-staff, sure it will help,,okey,*(:

  3. ,.okey lang na,,bsta ayaw padaog jud sa u nafel pra dli ka mpreha sa ubang mga eic saunang niagi ha,,*(:

  4. i said ga.emote ra ko...dili ko OA!!!


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