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Monday, June 27, 2011


What is a student publication? It is either a reading material used to inform or just pieces of paper used to kill time. It could also be used as a protection from the dirt of the benches in the open court or as head coverings when it is raining. It could even be the wrappers of your lunch boxes or a substitute of the toilet tissues. It could be the place where students who have the writing prowess could brag to other students on how good they are.

But it is more than that. The essence of having a student publication is not in fame or superiority but in having YOU as the clientele.

You. Yes, you. You, the students, who allocate P150 every semester to provide the funding of the publication. You, who comprise the largest number of readers. You, who are the main target of the information presented in every issue.

The student publication is not bound to serve ourselves but to serve YOU. Sometimes, however, we doubt if you have even realized that thought, that we are here to do so. When your instructors give you grades that you do not deserve, you remain silent. When you are asked to pay and gain nothing, you just murmur. When you are strangled with unjustified policies, you bare with it. When you are emotionally, verbally, and even sexually harassed, you just close your eyes. When your rights are being denied, trampled and thrown away, you do nothing.

Mutes, blinds, deaf, and cowards. Is that what we all are? You must have forgotten or have just simply ignored the fact that you have a school paper that will fight for YOUR rights, OUR rights.

With this, we echo this challenge to all Norsunians today. Fight for YOUR rights! Use this school publication as your mouth to speak out what is right, as your hand to get what you deserve, as your key to release you from the clause of apathy. If you will not do it, who will? And if not now, when? Only then we can call this institution a STUDENT PUBLICATION.


  1. ,,kanice sa editorial jud,,pramis,,
    ,.ahmmm dugay pa mahuman ang website sa tn keneth,,ganhan nako mobsa sa inyo gipangpublish though mas tsada jud sa paper,,*(:

  2. hapit na Car, daghan man gud gibutang applications si Pierce...


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