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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Double Trouble

I think most of you have already been acquainted with him since he has already been introduced during the previous meeting. Yes, my brother is actually not the intelligent type of person but he’s good-looking anyway so I’m still good to have a brother like him. In our clan, if you are not intelligent you must be good-looking and vice versa, or sometimes you are both. But majority of us are good-looking, seldom are intelligent that is what makes me famous among our relatives. But this blog is not for me, it’s for my brother, for you to get to know him better.

He is 17. A freshman Bachelor of Arts in General Curriculum but his ambition is to become a police officer. He is a good joker basically because he is excellent is doing stupid stuffs. His stupidity will certainly make you laugh your heart out and cry. It a few days time, you’ll know what I’m talking about. He is not dumb; it is just that he is living with a brother who is quite the brainy type.

He is quite a heartthrob like me. Yeah, it is already a curse of my family. He is more proud of his looks than I do, more arrogant I could say. Also, he is good at making fun of other people’s faces, it’s kind of a hobby. I actually don’t know if he does have a girlfriend or not, I really don’t dig that kind of stuff, it’s kind of private. He is often scolded by my parents since he always go home late. When it comes to partying, he’s more active than me.

When it comes to work, he is quite dependable and hardworking. He is not tardy and can follow instructions if said slowly and properly. What would you expect with my brother anyway? He is the new photographer of The NORSUnian. I am not so particular with people picking on me but when it comes to my family, it’s another story. So take care of him or else I'll show no mercy...JOKE


  1. No...two good-looking heads are better than one...hahahahhaa...

  2. SO kENNETH SINCE YOU ARE super intelligent does that mean that you are not 'good-looking'? Just a thought. No strikes.

  3. Yeah, I'm not good-looking just CUTE...hahahhaha...STRIKES!!!

  4. albert, are you sure of the word super intelligent? i think, kenneth does not posses that because he possesses more than that-infinite inteligence..JOKE!

  5. @jeff: dili ka tantong sipsip Jeff....hahahahahahahahhaaaaaa

  6. hahahhaha..wala ka kbasa sa JOKE!motou pud ni siya dayon:)<3. yes nakagama nkug heart...

  7. ,hala as in keneth,photographer na cia,huhuhu,, ipakilala mo talga ako sa u brother keneth ha,,tudloi cia,take care of him,,i really wanna meet ang brother ni keneth,hehehe*(:


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