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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family Time

It has been a month already and other staffs seem to ask why I no longer stay overnight as often as before. Well, I honestly, aside from spending more time with my long lost family. These teleseryes seem to have gotten me hooked. I usually go home 8 in the evening, just exactly when the prime time starts.

Let’s start with “100 DAYS TO HEAVEN” starring Cyril Manabat. I like it because it is not OA. It is just for kids but for adults as well. It makes me laugh. It is something new. It is not the stereotypical child show when the child gets beaten by his or her step family.

Next, sorry to Robin Padilla fans but “Guns and Roses” really sucks. Robin and Bea just do not have chemistry. Robin is old. So, I shift the channel to watch “AMAYA” starring Marian Rivera. I really like the plot except that some actors are just too lousy. Well anyways, the cinematography is nice. The costumes were given effort. Also, the show likes to use Visayan words.

Okay, back to ABS-CBN, my favorite as of press time is the “MINSAN LANG KITA IIBIGIN” starring Coco Martin. This is pure drama. Coco is simply the best actor of his generation. Though, John, Lorna, and Amy are quite aged already, they are not awkward to see on screen. Their love story was quite appealing to me. Coco as Alexander and Javier really leaves a mark to viewers. Though she’s pregnant, Andi is still going to finish the show. Maja is quite an actress as well, pretending to be a rebel with all the tone of voice and gestures, she belongs to a rich and prominent family remember. This show is amazing.

Then followed by “THE BIGGEST LOSER”, one thing why I like this show is that it is all about competition and considering that I’m always competitive. I don’t hate Sharon but they should have chosen a sexy host for the big girls to be insecure and the boys to salivate. Anyways, it is really inspiring to see Big people strive hard to lose weight. It is funny in a sense especially when they admit to themselves that they can’t do things before but actually they really can. It is such Juan Tamad syndrome.

The last on the list is “I AM LEGEND” starring Kim Jung Eun. Yes, she’s the girl who started it all-the Korean dramas for her “Lovers in Paris.” Though, it’s about marriage and separation, I like it because it’s funny and serious at the same time. Just like me.

Well, yeah, these are the reasons why I like to go home. But what makes it special is because I share the television with my family. It is really true, friends come and go. But your family will always be there for you. So let me ask a question, why do like to go home?

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