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Monday, July 11, 2011

Hairy Potter (An Excerpt from My Written Output for My OJT)

Every day of my OJT is very memorable but one incident that I will never forget is when I was left behind by the media van going to Naga where the press conference will be held. So I had no choice but to a ride a bus. I was really pissed off because of the stupidity of the driver and the conductor. Before I rode the bus, I asked them both of they knew where KEPCO is, a power plant in Naga, and they said “yes.” And when I asked them if I’m near to the location, they told me that they actually do not know. I was in a panic because I’m still new to Cebu. To my surprise, I’ve read from the sign board “Welcome to San Fernando”. San Fernando is the next town to Naga which means that I already passed KEPCO. So I decided to come down the bus.
After few minutes, a bus came so I rode back. I asked a passenger if he knew where KEPCO is, fortunately, he does. So I finally arrived at KEPCO. But it is not the end yet, I did not know that KEPCO has three gates.
On the third gate, I asked the security guard where the conference hall is, then he answered, “Adto lang sa next gate, Ma’am!” Ma’am?...I know I have a long hair but do I really look like a girl. So here comes the second gate, so I asked again where the conference room is, then he answered, “Pangutana lang sa guard didto sa gate one. Ma’am!” (WTF!!!). I really did think that Cebuanoes have I defects. But it was not the first time though.
Police officers, street vendors, sales ladies, jeepney drivers, and some acquaintances mistaken me as a girl so I have been kind of been the laughing stock of my classmates during our OJT. When we are in the boarding house, it is no longer new that my classmates would create a crowd and talk about how Cebuanos see me. And of course, they also recorded how people would mistake me as a girl for one day. My highest record: 12 ONLY.
To continue with my story, then I decided that if the third guard will call me Ma’am, then I would certainly have my hair cut. The third gate is here, I asked again where the conference room is, then he answered, “Conference room? Naa diri, kuyugan lang tikaw Miss!” MISS…hahahahah…Yeah right. So I had my hair cut.
So, if you heard my classmates calling me "Ma'am", you already know where it originated. Life is fun and unexpected.


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