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Friday, July 22, 2011

It's all for FREE

There are many disadvantages of being an EIC. You get headaches from your staff. You also get headache from your detractors. However, there are some, simple few things nice about being an EIC. Every afternoon, my staffs always treat me snacks. I really appreciate that gesture considering that I’m saving money. One remarkable observation that I’ve come to a realization is that it has been three nights that my supper is free. Of course, cared of my ever loyal fans.
Tuesday. After the regular meeting, Crystal, one of the senior reporters, said that she’ll treat me. Earlier that day, she promised to treat me snack but she was busy so it reach evening, thus it is time for supper. Destination: Jollibee. I was not that hungry so I just ordered a chicken burger, fries, and coke. Yes, it’s all for free. But it does not end there; she even let me have a ride to the terminal. Another eight pesos was saved from my pocket.Wednesday. It is now time for Jeffrey, a newbie writer. Just around 5:30 pm, he invited me for snack, no I think it was the other way around. But anyways let forget about it. Okay, snacks: One big slice of cinnamon bread, fish balls, and lumpia. Yes, it’s just snacks. So I went home, but unfortunately without realizing how full I was back then. I lost the appetite to eat supper. Again, money was saved though it’s counted for my parents. But still.Thursday. I was at the SG office taking photos of the SGDC I and II Presidents. They were having a meeting with the college governors and even some of the satellite campuses officers. After their meeting, we had a movie marathon at the SG office; I even copied “Insidious” which happens to be a horror story. Then, it was already 8 pm and I have not yet eaten my supper yet. Luckily, Angelo, SGDC I prexy, offered me supper. I did not play hard to get and said “let’s go.” Destination: Jollibee. Two piece burger stake, plus one extra rice, and sprite. What a yummy supper.See, that’s what you get when you’re a good EIC, you get treats rather than treating them. You don’t need money to have friends because your friends will provide food for you. I would like to thank all those who treated me: En-En, Jeffx4, Janet, Crystalx2, and Angelo.


  1. ,,,wahahaha,nalooy rana sila nimo muong gilibrehan ka,,wahahaha,,,*(:

  2. ,..miss you keneth,,,huhu,,kacute jud,,*(:

  3. Ew!!! kaau ka Car, don't call me cute all the time!!!

  4. ,.buot ka nako,,bahala ka..bleeeeehhh,wla kang mggawa malayo ako sa iyo,,wahahaha,,*(:


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