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Friday, July 15, 2011

Modeling 101: A survey

Yes, I’m going to be the prince of our society for the College of Arts and Sciences acquaintance party with the name “CAS Got Talent.” When I was informed that I’m going to represent our society, one question did appear instantly, “am I good enough?” People seem to see me as an over-confident person but I’m not that confident as what they thought.
What if I will look like trash when I walk beside other representatives? What if I will mess up in the stage? What if I will put my whole society in shame? What if my insecurity kills me? Besides there would be more or less 10, 000 eyes that will be watching my every move.
Pressure? A ton of it. I have faced a crowd but not as many as this time. I always say that I’m good-looking but I’m not quite sure about it. But maybe, because I wouldn’t be chosen as representative if I was not, right? Right? (My face is really turning red while I’m making this post)
With this, let me have a survey. Below is my picture. Just comment YES or NO and Why, if I will continue or not?


  1. kabalo nba ka mu-walk ug pang pamp stage?heheheh

  2. ,..change fb profile pic na keneth,,dghan na au ka pics cute au,,pilii na to,,hehehee,,*(:

  3. YES.!!!! continue na lang wala man laen...hahahaha GOGOGO.!!!! Manong Ken.!!!! mu lantaw jud ko...hahaha


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