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Friday, August 5, 2011

A glimpse of my Apple

A graduating student, an editor-in-chief and an interesting love life, who would guess that this will happen to me?

It has been two nights since I have been reading mangas and manwhas all night long. Basically, those stories revolve on love and the challenges the boy and the girl must come through. Like any other love story, there is always a villain or more like someone who is also in love with the same person. But what makes it significant to me, is that I am the villain of my own love story, but the kindest villain.

To love and beloved. But what if the feeling is not mutual? To give yet receives nothing in return. A one-sided love is indeed fatal. The perfect epitome of chaos within yourself. It causes more hurt than any physical imputations.

Certainly, everyone is driven by desires. The desire to kiss, hug, and beyond. I know I’m no little toddler; I’m at the right age. Being ready physically but mentally naïve. But why is it so easy to say than to do it in action. But if you’ll do it because of lust and not love, would it be that satisfactory.

P.S. Me is torn between my first love and the person who loves you with all she got. Nevertheless, isn’t it exciting?


  1. A one-sided love is indeed fatal...true!
    "...torn between my first love and the person who loves you with all she got. Nevertheless, isn’t it exciting?". ..yep..exciting but sooner it'll be complicated and someone would end up ganun?!? heheh..daan lang..nosebleed naman ako dito! .following u now...

  2. ,ready n daw cia physicaly,wahaha,,sigeg basa ug porn keneth,..bitaw binata na talaga akong keneth,,gudluck sa imo lovelife*(:

  3. @ hana banana: thanks, BTW, i like your name...hahahha
    @Caroline: I don't know what your talkin'

  4. May lovelife ka pala "Manong" Ken.???? so,who's the unlucky girl??? hahahaha JOKE ONLY....

  5. Ate Shenmae....wala nimu gi.logout imu FB!!!!


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