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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It was it's ME

Looking back when I was still a larva trying to find my way into the publication, what I recall the most is the fear that I feel whenever I talk to editors. One will certainly tremble to face the criticisms of the editors. But somehow I’ve surpassed all of them and I, for two and a half months now, am an EIC myself.
As my final journey in this roller coaster ride sooner or later come to an end, allow me to pay tribute to the EICs who shaped me to being the EIC you know now.
Junrell A. Calunod with me in the TN office
He calls himself stupidly perfect and I certainly agree. He was indeed scary considering he stands more or less six feet. He was the all around EIC from editing, lay-outing, photography, webpage designing and drawing. He was an ace. The office was clean and organized. The staffs are well behaving during meetings. His commands were absolute. I really envy the authority that he has.
But frankly speaking, he was a disappointment. In spite his exemplary skills, his leadership was not outstanding. The “parokya-parokya” culture he showed was unbearable (no need to explain). He also was kind of possessive of the things like computers; I could still recall the time when there is no Facebook, Youtube, and etc. He is not that good with money as well (hahahahah…all that I can do is laugh).
Hard work. Intelligence. Strong will. Qualities I truly admire and have absorbed. Also, I’ve learned not to commit the same mistakes.
Jeremiah G. It-it with me in his house because it's his birthday
He calls himself second timer and I was just like him. We both failed at first try but we’ve reached the top. He was very kind; well, way kinder than me. I really like his kind personality. During his time, he was the best writer both news and feature (I am talking about the number of articles being published). He was gentle. Too gentle that he was not fit for EIC. He was elected as EIC from being a senior writer. I must say that he lacks experience of being an editor.
I once said to myself how weak he can be crying in front of his staffs. But now I’ve realized how wrong of me thinking that way. I finally understood what he felt, having staffs who are narrow-minded and stupid. But he gave up the fight. Anyways, the reason I became an editor was because he quitted and I was the most suitable staff for the vacant position.
Kindness. Initiative. Qualities I have learned from my ever good EIC. Of course, I won’t quit like he did.
Maria Margarita T. Narvasa with me during the TN Christmas Party
She calls herself Princess but for me she’s a Queen. She is a good speaker and bubbly. She was not the hard working type but she is my idol. She taught me how to laugh despite all the problems. She showed how important I am and I really like it. Of course, I like it when she recognizes my efforts. She increased my honorarium and scholarship, I thank her for that.
I really like the way she thinks, it is so similar to mine. She doesn’t like idiots, I mean people who are slow in pick up, but sometimes she finds it cute. She was like a big sister, supporting me, in every aspect. She is the reason why I feel confident of myself. She’s born on May 21, 1991 and I was born on May 22, 1991. I guess I was destined to be next to her.
Joker. Wit. Confidence. Qualities I have used in order for me to succeed. Yet, I can’t let other staffs say that I’m not doing my job accordingly.
Hard work. Intelligence. Strong will. Kindness. Initiative. Joker. Wit. Confidence. Though with these qualities that I have acquired, being a perfect EIC is still so hard. However, sometimes I thought if it is me who has glitches or it is time for others to think what’s wrong with them?


  1. You can never please everybody. There are those who will think you aren't good enough. But don't mind them. Do your job and do it well. Have fun also. In that way, you'll realize that what matters is how much you tried being the best that you can be and not how they asses you. :p


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