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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Love Me...Hate Me...

At the very entrance of the gate, a maniac-looking person is there. His name is ME. Okay, it was not in the plan for me look like that. The photo was nice but it was just not ME. The ME who is funny and a good-joker. It was indeed a product of misconception. I think I got humiliated for quite a bit.

Anyways, I finally fulfilled my biggest frustration to become a "model." I know it was as wild as it can get but thanks to my society who realized it. I mean, not everyone is given the opportunity to do so. Finally, I got my picture taken in a photo studio aside from the yearbook.

It was indeed a mixture of happiness and anxiety.

I feel anxious now of myself, when I walk the aisles of this university. People stare at me which for God’s sake what I really hate the most. Because when they do that, I don’t know if they are thinking good or bad about me. I really hate being stared because it feels like being stripped from your clothes. YUCK!!!. And I don't like to hear comments, good or bad, because it blows my balance.

Happiness for I have finally, before I graduated, gone out of my shell. Back then when I was in high school, the ME was just in the corner feeling sorry and ugly for myself. It was a gloomy experience but I have found my spotlight. Love ME, Hate ME, say what you want about ME but still I'm ME.

So, win or most likely lose. I’m already the winner of mine own game.


  1. oh my gas ken... not in my wildest dreams... but i support you all the way... God Speed Ken.. luv u much,,, :)

  2. bahahahhahahaha...I'll do anything for money!!!

  3. okay rana ui..try something new nagud...boring man gud nang sige rka ug sulat,,dbah?

  4. ..tamah!!!! i definitely agree!!!!!!!


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