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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bagulbul na lang taman...

As I concluded the meeting for TN this evening, one crystal clear realization has come to my mind. Like last semester, I am still alone (not actually, maybe, but in general) in my fight to change the course of the publication. “Imu na nang problema!” let me repeat “Imu na nang problema!”…these were the words of some my staffs.

I can’t seem to fathom how they were able to say that straight to my face. Is it too much to ask for cooperation? Is having fun really that enticing as to neglect how I would feel when my staff is having fun while I'm in the middle of work which is in the first place not mine. Bad person again, huh!

Why does number always overrule what is right? (Sembreak??? wow, maypa sila maghappy-happy na, ma-ulaw pud ko gub-on ilang lipay-lipay, boanga nako much, baga.a nako ug nawong!!!, sorry kayo mga senyorito at senyorita but I’m not your servant, naa nay nakauna ana nga linya.)

Why does incompetence emerge though you’ve given your best shot to show them commitment? I guess I’m just stuck with the wrong people. Or maybe, I’m just out of place. I really wonder if I don’t belong here or it’s the other way around. (AO ko diri dapit, aduh, kapuy edit.)

But I’m not losing hope; I can still see a glimpse of hope. The new sprouts, I hope, will be able to do what I haven’t. Anyways, I still have one semester to try again. Kasi naman, asa na gud tung Kenneth nga puro ra “yawa” ang mugawas sa baba….tsk tsk…muo pay na-EIC, karun na hinuan gabinut-an, butol much!!!

Kung dili pa lang jud ko cute…ay na!!! Unsaon taman level one ra man intawaon akong lagot taman. Pero char lang...Ano man ang mangyari, simula ng maging bahagi ako ng TN, FIRST TIME na naka 12 issue na up-to-date sa first semester. ACHIEVEMENT NA RIN YUN...

Ohh...lantawa na, ganiha ga.emote karun lipay napud...hala sige, diri na lang kay kung asa pa ko muabut ani.


  1. hahaha! gosh kenneth! I'd never wish to be one.. why?.. dghang g-handom sa imung trono!! hahahahaha :D.. don't take it seriously, there are still things you need to enjoy!

  2. .....ok na ta, i was disturbed with the line, "kung dili lang ko cute," hehheheh. goodness!!! .btaw seriously,, i didn't join the publication just to have fun ra baya huh!!!........ i know disappointed ka sa uban namung staff, pero i hope wag kanamang magpaka strict medyo, kay tungod siguro ana m'likay na ang tawo nimu!!.. ka ra nang mo'minggle u namu..... (char!! advice sa new-B). heheh........ just stay as u are ken!!

  3. .......hehhe. pahavul....... kncha nang n'ingun nimu nga "Imu na nang problema!”… bali pud ron!!! kung sino mang ngsave nyn,, murag d pud dag'y ako run, i guess!!! divah????


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