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Monday, October 3, 2011

I whip my hair

Epilogue: The last time I have posted something in this page was when I was still that 20-year old virgin and now, certainly, I’m still that person. If you’re expecting the otherwise, then, I GOT you. Anyways, the reason for such long-time-no-posting occurrence was that I’m busy. Yes, busy in the sense that I have free time yet my mind is bombarded with things I need to think carefully so thinking of words that I could post in this page was quite impossible. But I’m here now.

For the past fast months, I have been in different appearance. It‘s not about my face but my hair. Yes, only my hair changes but the innocent face in still there.

So, I’m going to start January.

So if you are wondering where I took these pictures, it is at the Provincial Hospital. I was making my investigative report about prostitution and I was just outside the door of DOH. I was waiting for my interviewee because she was still talking with someone. I really got bored. So I took my BB and that’s the story.

Here comes February.
I got the balloons from Jollibee because they had a promo for Valentines. I, with Cheeno and Caroline, was supposed to go back to the university when the rain fell. It was so hard that we did not have a choice but to take a shed on the cell shop nearby. 20 minutes have passed yet the rain is not ending. I was annoyed by that considering that we were in a hurry. I need to do something. So I took my BB and that’s the story.

Let’s March.
I just woke up and there was a brownout. Mom was not yet finished with the cooking. For some reason, I got tired washing my face. Then, I recalled that it was a trend in Kpop idols to take pictures of themselves right after they wake up to prove that they are really good-looking. So I took my BB and that’s the story.

April it is.
I’m at Cebu for my OJT. I was riding a jeepney going to the capitol. But we met a collision between an SUV and a taxi which have generated a heavy traffic. I am now stuck with the scene.-a scene which was not interesting for me. So I took my BB and that’s the story.

May has finally arrived.
I am waiting for the meeting of the governor to end. I was with other media men outside the press conference room. I have read a ton of magazines and a couple of newspapers but the meeting was not done yet. I felt sleepy but it would be informal to sleep there. So I took my BB and that’s the story.

June again!!!
I decided to have my hair cut since as the EIC, I need to be more formal and neat. It was a relief as well since it is already quite troubling for other people to mistaken me as a girl. It is quite embarrassing especially at public places. There was no internet connection at the office. So I took my BB and that’s the story.

Next is July.
My hair grew a bit. I was eating with my classmates at Gemini. After the meal, we were chitchatting, however, I was out of placed for some reason. I really had no idea about their topic. Instead of feeling lonely. So I took my BB and that’s the story.

I never thought that it was already August.
Just as fast as time, I already grew a long hair. Yeah, I’m in the classroom and as usual, waiting for my tardy teacher. Life is just unfair. I talked with my classmates but they were no good, boring and no sense of humor. It’s more of a waste of time talking to them. So I took my BB and that’s the story.

Wake me up when September ends.
I dyed my hair for a change, from brown to black. I was annoyed with people telling me that I am a Justin Beiber look-a-like. I am Korean not a JB fan. It was the simplest thing to do unless JB dyes his hair with black as well. At home, feeling bored. So I took my BB and that’s the story.

It is now October.
Another ordinary day, I was waiting for a PC to be free but no one seems to surrender. My oh my, the waiting time is killing me. So I got a comb and faced the mirror. I played with my hair. And encountered the EMO me. I was stunned how my hair resembled like that. So I took my BB and that’s the story.

So you see, I am not a narcissist, I just get bored fast. It is different, right?


  1. I wonder what people thinks when u take pix of urself in front of the public..hehe

  2. @hana: Me taking pix of myself is just like planking, only I don't get my clothes dirty...


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