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Monday, October 17, 2011

I guitar my heart out

I have always loved music. It has been my frustration actually for not be able to learn a single song. I have given up on that dream of becoming a singer but I already have a new passion. Learning how to guitar, well, is does not require a good voice. It is very blissful to see how good-looking I am while holding a guitar that’s why I have to learn how to guitar.

Oh well, here it goes. Like any guitarist, I have this “rock ‘n roll” dream to make my audience scream as I strum the strings of my guitar. It is not great to strum the guitar as if it’s going to break, it will be totally mind blowing. Key, the Rock God. Wow!!! Sounds cool.

Okay, I really won’t mind if you’ll make this as your wallpaper. Hahahhahahahahaah!!! Kidding aside, I must share that this is so unplanned. I woke up that morning and I’m already holding the guitar then a photographer went by and she just can help but take a picture of me. I am so in awe of that photographer.

It would not hurt if I’ll pose like this right? I mean, everyone has a gentle side to them. It really is nice to rock but it’s quite amusing to stay cute for awhile. Not everyone likes to rock but I think no one can resist this cute creature holding that borrowed guitar.
Is it just me or I really ooze with hot steaming sex appeal here. I never thought that I can look sexy. Hahahahahha. Cute and sexy, hmmm, I guess it’s not bad. See how I open my mouth, as if I was really singing. What the smurf!!!

So, singing is not for me but guitars are.


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