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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mr. College of Arts and Sciences, AKO?

I was walking with Crystal on my way to CAS 108 to pay for the FUPTA Fee. While talking, I heard a familiar voice calling “Dong…dong!” I was not sure if it was me so I just ignored it. But Crystal caught my attention so I did turn my cheek and there she was, the Queen of CAS, Dean Fe Violeta B. Taring.
Fe: Dong, ikaw atong Mr. CAS
Me: Huh? Dili ra ko Ma’am.
Fe: ikaw ra gud dong.
Me: hahahahahhaha…si Ma’am oh…hahahahahah…dili ra ko Ma’am
Fe: Ikaw ra jud among kuwaon.
Me: hahahhaha…pass ra ko Ma’am…pass sa Ma’am
Fe: What if we'll insist?!!!
Me:haahahaha…sige Ma’am…una ra ko.
What an unexpected event. I did not saw that coming. Me? Directly given an offer by the Dean, I was totally blown. Unfortunately, not all opportunities should be grabbed. But I’m more than happy to have a chance like that. Hahahahhaha…I’M SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm not confident (it's just too big of an event for me)...and it is not allowed since I'm the EIC of the student publication...time consuming and it might have conflict of interest...

  2. ..hmf.. so cute.. murag mongoes.. pero advice aku nimo! apil.. hahaha... para mabal-an ug CUTE bjud ka!


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