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Sunday, December 4, 2011

RANULFO: An Early Christmas Gift

On a very hectic Saturday morning, a bunch of idiots had a meeting for a short film they will make. After few hours of laughs and brain storming, they have come up with a story. Right after they had taken their lunch, they went straight to the cinematographers for the orientation of the film. After a thorough deliberation, all have decided to take shoot on Thursday.
Since the number one idiot is in-charge of the businesses concerning the film. The idiot literally became crazy running to and fro without taking a bath. It was such a hassle since the idiot was the genius of another side of his school life.
Monday, it’s the last day of Ramadan. Tuesday, the idiots had a meeting for their costumes and roles. Wednesday, as early as 5 am, the idiots have already risen up for as early as 7am; they need to go the location of the shoot. But unfortunately, the idiots were troubled since the budget was not in hand.
The governor was quite against the idiot’s budget proposal though it was just reasonable. The idiot actually gave the governor a mouthful of words before he did give the budget. I was at the top of my patience. You don’t mess with an idiot. So that afternoon, the idiots had their rehearsal and blocking. It was fun, so much fun.
At night, the idiots had dinner in one table, talking and laughing endlessly. They were really happy. Before they sleep, they had a meeting so that they’ll have a smooth sail the next day. It was also like a vacation in advance since they stayed at a resort.
So early in the morning, the idiot and his assistant woke up early to prepare the breakfast for the other idiots. Thursday, the time to shoot has come. It was so obvious that the actors were nervous since it was the first that other people were watching them while they were acting.
During the meal, there was a huge collision of ideas when a suggested scene was deliberated. The idiots fought that the scene was of no connection to the story. It was such a long process which actually took some time. In the end, the scene was agreed to be carried on with the idiot being at ease of course.
Friday, the last day of shooting. It rained hard; it was a jinx in gloom. The idiots were troubled with the weather. But fortunately, the sun came and brought light to the despair of the idiots. How tiring it was. When all has been done, it’s time for swimming. There was a pool at the resort so they made use of the opportunity.
In the middle of fun, a cell phone rang and broke the laughter. It was their teacher; he was in rage for not consulting him with the film. He was the one who taught them about the ways of the camera and theatre as well. He was angry specifically with the idiot. So pool time is over. Spoiler for short but they understood him. They really do. But there is nothing that they can do anymore, all has been made.
The idiots did not aim to just join but to win. They were so competitive to the extent that they were already quite annoying. They haven’t joined a contest that they have not won. They were the best.
On the second night of the Founders Week, it was time to know who bested on screen. The entries were shown one after the other. Before “Ranulfo” was “Josephine” from the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management. It was a nice film, the audience were shouting and applauding. With a good film shown before theirs, the idiots went frantic and felt double of the pressure.
When “Ranulfo” was shown, the audience was silent, as if there was no reaction at all. The number one idiot felt sad, tears were about to fall. The casts of “Josephine” were confident that they would win. He could not take the pressure, so he got out the gym and went to his comfort zone, his office, and his home. He busted his sentiments to his subordinates, he was angry and sad.
But there was nothing that he can do, he couldn’t change the events. He was thinking lots of things, mostly bad. It’s now time to face the truth, the idiots won’t make it. It’s time to lose.
The awarding has come. The university president as the chairman of the board of adjudicators spearheaded the announcement of winners. And there it was, the first award of the night, the trophy for the Best Story. That’s was the idiot’s category. He was the brain of “Ranulfo”. Speaking of pressure, one cannot fathom what the idiot felt.
Every word the president spouts was reverberating in his ears. He felt numb and nervous, very nervous.
“The Best Story…the Best Story…the Best Story goes to the college…the college…of…Arts and Sciences!!!…Kenneth Pael for the film “Ranulfo.”
The idiot shouted endlessly, the idiot was nostalgic while walking the ramp towards the trophy he worked hard. The feeling was surreal that it was hard to sink in. In the idiot’s brain was “I won!? I won…Yes! Yes!!! YES!!!!!!”
And because of that, the other idiots felt alive. They were like plants in a desert that experienced rain. In the end we brought home four out of eight awards. Best Actress, Best in Cinematograpy, and most of all, the over-all champion, BEST PICTURE.
We would like to congratulate the other entries:
Josephine from the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management (Best Director)
Lihim from the College of Agriculture and Forestry (Best Actor)
Amor y Sangre from Bais City Campuses (Best Supporting Actor)
Pamahiin from Bayawan-Sta. Catalina Campus (Best Supporting Actress)
D' Amnesia Gay from the College of Business and Accountancy
A Huling Hinagpis from the College of Education
Langub na naay panaad from Mabinay Campus
Hands Up from the College of Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Allied Health Sciences
Confidential from Siaton Campus
Ang Pagsalop from the College of Engineering and Architecture
Adik sayo, Awit sa akin from the College of Industrial Technology
Rescue from the College of Maritime Education
Asahag from Bais City Campuses

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