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Friday, January 20, 2012

BAD Mouth...TSK!

It’s part of growing up. I already forgot when it started but I am becoming worse every day. I did not like it before but I’m doing it now. Tsk, what a scum I have become.

“IYOT TA,” two words that I can easily spout. Now, let me ask you, can you say these words? I think most of you can’t. It’s very vulgar. I even sent a group message and waited if someone will reply. And yes, many did. HAHA!

When I was younger, I really despise people saying those words because they are very obscene and improper. And now, I’m doing so.

At first, I thought it was fun, just for fun. Never did I care what other people may think. I said to just anyone I met at the restaurant, bar, or even in the street. And most of them have a positive reply, a smile in particular, and I already know what it meant. It might be because of my not-bad physique.

I tried to stop it. But then again, it’s just normal in the adult world, and I’m an adult now. The people that I hang out with are very vulgar as well. It would be awkward to act reserve in front of them.







Is part of the heart

AORTA pronounced with Brtitish accent is iyot-ta

Yes, this is what I’m talking about. If ever you’re thinking of other things, then your mind is corrupted.


  1. haha. first one to comment. pero di na ko mu comment about the post. haha. i leave the impression to the next commentator. haha.

    1. ako gid ang muhuman. hahaha. i tot yun na. haha

  2. was that a "JOKE"??????
    oh im sorry. i forgot to laugh...
    Ok, here it goes--- Whahahaahhahahahhahahahahahahahah ..ahaharharhar


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