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Monday, January 30, 2012

Life After Death

The day I almost left this world and the day I almost got rich happened in an instant that I was not able to fathom what really had happened.

At the dawn of January 28, around 1:30 am, I and the rest of the delegates at Bacolod were strolling at the lagoon taking pictures every now and then. When we were exactly at the intersection, an ambulance came rushing while an FX was hurrying. The ambulance almost hit the Fx, it was just a matter if seconds before the collision. The Fx was directly towards our path. We could have been rampaged by the Fx from the ambulance of the full speed ambulance.

Intersection of Barangay 9, Purok Rose

To my shock, I was not able to move a muscle. Then I realized that my reflexes were slow. Jollibee was just near so we decided to take a chill a think what just happened but to our surprise the ambulance came back and were asking if we had gotten the plate number of the Fx. Yes, we were witnesses of an uneventful accident.

To my regret, I was not able to take the plate number of the car which could have killed me and I, of all people, a future journalist, was not able to help. I was indeed disappointed of myself.

And I thought the party ends there. It is now already 2 am.

Going back to the bar, a ride away from the place where I almost died. Right at the very exit of the bar, were two young adults and a foreigner. The two young adults were punching and kicking the foreigner, an American perhaps. We had a camera at hand but we did not take any pictures.

Just outside Sibeeria Bar

We were watching, enjoying the scene. The guards were just looking as well, useless as I may say. After the American went dead on the floor, the young perpetrators tried to get a tricycle but the driver refused to give them any ride.

Then, the crowd came and gathered to what seems to be a dead person but he was alive, unconscious perhaps. They were in a state of confusion to what had happened.

Then the relatives and friends of the victim came riding in there luxury cars, asking if there were any witness to the crime. There were many people who saw it but nobody identify the two men. And yes, then time when we almost got rich came. They were giving away only FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND to those who can point the two men. And what could have been better than a photograph. Yes, that amount of money just slipped out hands.

It was too late for any regrets. But, that was the second time that I could have solved something.

Anyways, I'm still alive and ready to kick some butts.

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