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Saturday, January 21, 2012

He's Beautiful...

Just another overnight at the office, another story to read.

I have come across this manga titled “Houou Gakuen Misoragumi,” which the main character is a 15 year old lesbian. It was the first that I’ve ever read a story with such character but I just gave it a try.

As what mothers would most likely do, they want to interfere with their children’s lives. So she enrolled Kei (the name of the girl/lesbian) in an all-boys school hoping that being with boys will make her a GIRL. And her mother would even get happy if she’ll get pregnant. But the problem is that, Kei has a phobia of boys and feels ill when she’ll have skin contact with one.

Moreover, Yui, Kei’s roommate and childhood friend, agreed to Kei’s mom's plot, hoping that Kei would like him in the process. But Kei is certain that she only likes girls and they were only 5 years old when they met that Kei no longer recognize Yui after ten years.

Later on, Kei’s Mom’s plan is slowly succeeding since there are significant improvements on Kei’s action towards the opposite sex. Also, Kei is starting to like Kousuke, her classmate who has been very kind to her. Kousuke though is very innocent about the true identity of Kei. The both of them grew close each day. But their closeness brought envy to Yui.

So Yui told Kei that he hates her so much. Hearing that, Kei could not think of any reason why would Yui hate her. It kept on bothering her. She tried to talk with Yui but Yui just ignores her, making her more curious.

So much for that, not being able to talk with Kei is also tormenting Yui apart. He was feeling really sorry for himself. And not long, he felt ill. In the infirmary, Kei finally caught Yui. Kei was insisting her questions, asking why Yui’s avoiding her?

With nowhere else to run, Yui confessed to Kei that he did not mean what he said. He just said those words so that Kei would think of the reason why and eventually be preoccupied by him ONLY. Thus eliminating Kousuke’s presence. Kei was angry because of that but before she could spout any word. YUI KISSED HER!...and Yui felt asleep after that leaving Kei in confusion.

But what made Kei more confused is that she didn’t not feel ill and more importantly, she did NOT hate it. In relation, Kousuke was actually at the door listening and knew that Kei was actually a GIRL.

On the other hand, Kei’s father knew what her wife did to their daughter and decided to get his daughter back. Though Kei looks like a boy and has a strong personality, in her father’s eyes, she was his little angel and a vulnerable princess.

So when Kei’s father came to the school, Kei was relieved since she could continue flirting with girls, but part of her heart was telling her not to go. But she did leave otherwise. Yui is still sick and Kei is gone.

At home, Kei’s mom told her about her and Yui meeting at the hospital. And they become such good friends. But they had a quarrel and as fate did no longer made them meet each other. Also, Kei’s mom recalled how Kei had her fear of boys (Kei was attacked with sumo wrestlers when she was younger).

After hearing the story, Kei wanted to go back to Houou Gakuen and tell Yui how sorry she was for not recognizing him. So, Kei went to the hospital and apologized to Yui. But Yui cannot face Kei because of the thought that he kissed her.

Then suddenly out of the blue, Kei asked “Yui, do you like me? You did kiss me!” But Yui just answered “I don’t remember that…” “Why?” asked Kei. Then Yui smirked at said “Because I’m sick.”

But the rumor that Kei was actually a girl spread in the school and staying there was already impossible. So, their love story will come to an end? No, because Kei became a regular student of the school. How did that happen? Read at .

Yeah, I have read a hundred of mangas and manwhas but this was my first time writing a blog like this and I'm planning to start doing this.


  1. what an amazing mom kei has... imagine,, kalipay niyang manabdus iyang anak ??...

    _____PEWO tsar lang____

  2. ..very nice and interesting...supahh like....

  3. @jela: SO, ganahan ka mamabdus...ahahahhahahaha
    @enen: Thanks!

  4. like oh my gash! i love the story. thank you for giving the site. i'll absolutely read this. ♥♥♥

    1. can read from obscenity... :)


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