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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The pressure strikes again. Peer pressure. The most awkward moment is when your classmates are talking about their love lives and yet you don’t have anything to share. I tried to change the topic but apparently that action caught me red-handed and became the talk of the town. I faked a smile and acted as if I didn’t care, pulled something in my bag to divert the attention BUT it was no good, they won’t budge in.

So anyway, enough with that, this blog is not about my love life or anything. It’s about being hated (this is the superlative form) for being true to myself. Three years ago, I applied BELOW as a Creative writer but unfortunately for them I was not hired. Well, according to them, I was qualified intellectually but I was just “TOO boastful and working with me would be hard.” I didn’t mind, working with judgmental people won’t do me any good either.

But the problem now is that, it has been three years but they still have not recovered from that incident. The former EIC, now Adviser, verbally said that she does not like because I’m “boastful.” She told that to her staffs which apparently includes one of my classmates. Like, she only met me for a day and she concluded that way. Though she’s right, why hate me? I really don’t get it, why does she care so much about me?

I know that the ABOVE and BELOW organizations have indifferences but what does it relate to me. I really don’t have any grudge towards them but why do they have one towards me. Is my aura that strong that it is hard for them not to notice or forget me? I can’t say that they’re insecure because the natures of our jobs are different, well, theirs is way easier.

TUG-ANAN sa Norsunian

And now, NGANONG.

Yes, they actually made a page just to make fun of our film “Ranulfo.” If I’m not mistaken, the brother of the latter made the page because he was the assistant director of one of the films and she agreed to it because she was the writer of the story of another film. (The situation may not be true but most likely it’s close to reality) For God’s sake, it is already 2012 and they have not recovered yet.

But what really pisses me off is whenever they (staffs of the BELOW) come across any of my classmates; they say the word “Nganong” (an awkward line in the film) and laugh. The other day, it just so happen that they did that to me, that’s was totally uncool. Where’s the word “RESPECT”? Respect of one as an individual, as a fellow student, and as a leader of an institution.

Bird brains really can’t accept defeat. My list of UGLY, STUPID and BITTER people seems to be getting longer and longer. I really hate being laughed by UGLY people because it really touches my pride. UGLY people with UGLY character.

For so long, I have been silent. But that was the last time. Is it really that hard to admit defeat? I think YES, it’s hard but that’s what we call competition. SPORTSMANSHIP.

As what I have observed, that is what people feel when they underestimate me.



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